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Residential Professional Landscapers

Here at GreenKnight landscaping we like to think of your landscape as a blank canvas and us the artists - our passion and creativity for creating beautiful landscape designs is never-ending! Our detail-oriented landscaping crew is perfectly equipped to turn all of your landscaping dreams and desires into realities.

Our reliable and efficient services mean your garden will always be in tip top shape, no matter what the season. We’ll keep your your hedges pruned, your plants healthy and happy, and your landscape tidy with our professional maintenance services.

A Maintenance Schedule to Suit Your Needs

Our job doesn’t end when we’ve put the last plant in the ground. In order to keep your landscape looking its best, GreenKnight Landscaping recommends our clients set up a regular maintenance schedule, in order to keep your flowers blossoming and your grass even and green. After your project is complete, we’ll continue delivering the same friendly and efficient service you’ll have gotten used to during the construction period. You can count on us!


If you decide to do your own maintenance, we’ll set you up with plants that require less hands on attention, allowing them to continue to flourish without the need to dedicate whole swaths of your day to their upkeep.

Contact GreenKnight Landscaping Today to Get the Garden of Your Dreams!

We guarantee you’ll love our unparalleled customer service, competitive prices and maintenance services designed around your schedule. Get in touch with us today to get a quote and time estimate for your next project!

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