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Keep Your Lawn Looking Great with GreenKnight Landscaping

We provide a variety of lawn care services, so if your lawn needs a bit of love we have got you covered. See below for a sample of what we have to offer:

Sodding and re-sodding. Sodding is an excellent option for those seeking quick results. If your lawn is looking brown and damaged after winter, putting down a new layer of sod can save you both the time and convenience required to reach that perfect lawn look.

Aeration. By aerating your lawn you expose the grass to a higher concentration of water, oxygen and minerals—all the components grass requires to grow stronger and healthier! This is best done in the early or late spring or fall, depending on the climate, so make sure to get in touch with GreenKnight Landscaping before it’s too late!

Lawn treatment. Discoloration and patchiness can ruin the look of your lawn, but GreenKnight Landscaping can get your grass back to its green glory in no time with our comprehensive range of treatments. Whatever your problem, we've got the solution!  

Green Grass is Just a Phone Call Away!

Tired of looking at your neighbor’s healthy lawns and wondering how they do it? Dial our number and wonder no more! GreenKnight Landscaping’s experienced lawn care professionals are dedicated to making the world greener, one lawn at a time. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free evaluation!

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